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From March 30 to 31, the 2019 Skoda HEROS 14th China Huangshan (Yixian) International Mountain Bike Open was held in Hongcun, Yixian County, a world cultural heritage site in southern Anhui. This competition is sponsored by the Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and the Huangshan Municipal People's Government, hosted by the Yixian County People's Government, Huangshan Municipal Sports Bureau, and Shanghai Hongjing Sports Development Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Yixian Yuetu Sports Tourism Co., Ltd.

In Yixian County in March, there are hundreds of acres of rapeseed fields, which are so beautiful. At present, 70% of the rapeseed flowers in Yixian County are in full bloom. As the temperature rises in late March, the end of March will be the best viewing period for the rapeseed flowers in Yixian County. The event will connect the scattered scenic spots and villages together through the track. Players can appreciate the beautiful scenery and cultural scenery of Yixian County while participating in the event.

This Huangshan event has been fully upgraded. The 2019 Skoda HEROS 14th China Huangshan (Yixian) International Mountain Bike Open and the China Cycling Series Hongwhale Fengdu Huangshan (Yixian) Station were held consecutively. A total of 2,300 people participated in the two events in Huangshan this year, including more than 60 foreign players from Spain, Germany, France, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Sweden and other countries. .

The mountain cross-country race on March 30 is divided into AB tracks. Track A has a single lap length of 20 kilometers and is composed of cross-country and hill climbing conditions. There are male/female open categories and male/female/mixed duos. The length of a single lap of track B is 5KM, which is composed of paved and undulating roads. It has an employee experience group, a youth group, and a parent-child relay group. Some players said that walking through the picturesque Huizhou architecture and riding in the rapeseed fields with dancing butterflies in the Yellow Sea is simply a paradise experience. In addition, this year there was a children's scooter competition at Hongcun School. The little knights of each group competed bravely and achieved impressive results.

The Huangshan (Yixian) International Mountain Bike Open is one of the oldest mountain bike feasts in China. Since its inception in 2006, thirteen years of accumulation have made the Huangshan (Yixian) International Mountain Bike Open a classic brand bicycle event renowned at home and abroad. It is the most important event in the first half of the amateur event and is also a test for riders. The best event in the state all year.

It is worth mentioning that after three years, Hongjing Fengdu returned to Yi County again. The "Grand Fengdu" three years ago has been officially renamed "Hong Kong Fengdu" in 2018. The cement potholed road in the Tea Ridge section of Glenfield Road has been repaired, and the entire track has been paved with asphalt, giving the track a brand new look. The Red Whale Fengdu event on March 31 is divided into six categories: U25 group, U35 group, master group, women's group, men's mountain horse group and women's mountain horse group. The competition is a road race with a total track length of 84KM. After several rounds of competition, the winners of each category were finally announced.

It is reported that the 2019 Skoda HEROS China Cycling Series Tour Shanghai-Chongming will be held on April 20. For details, please stay tuned to the official WeChat and Weibo of "" Bicycle.

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