iQiyi is a high-definition video client under iQiyi. The app provides movies, animation, music, news, entertainment, and high-definition videos for online viewing and downloading of massive genuine high-definition film and television resources for users to watch offline. Come on Download the latest version of iQiyi 2023.

Platform features:

1. Watch the new dramas in real time: The Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty under the Microscope, Our Days, Kuangbiao, Dazzling You, Fu Tu Yuan, Qing Qing Daily, He is Dangerous to Me, Moon Song Xing, Toward the Wind OK, canglanjue, the wind blows in pinellia, even if there is a strong wind,

2. Popular movies newly released: The Legend of Qiao Feng, The Legend of Tian Long Ba Bu, Northeast Love Brother 2: I Can’t End Love for You, Anti-Gangster·Decisive Battle, Beasts of the Northeast, Mr. Illusion, Thousands of Miles Homeward, The King of Snipers: Assassination, Avatar, Wandering The Earth, Paper Man's Soul Resurrection, The Legend of Dragon Immortal 3 Ancient Battlefield

3. Watch popular variety shows non-stop: Farming Bar, Our Inn, Annual Comedy Competition Season 2, The Strongest Brain Season 10, Our Folklore 2022, Ace vs. Ace Season 7, Youth with You Season 2, Idol trainee, Chinese rap peak showdown

4. Change the new anime series as you like: One Piece, Canglan Jue, Shenlan Qiyu Wushuangzhu, Eternal Myth, Shenwu Tianzun, All Realms Supreme, I Am the Great Immortal Dynasty Comic, Young Song Xing, Spy Play House, Douluo Continent 4 Ultimate Douluo, Evil God Dynamic Comics Season 2

5. Recommendations for new overseas dramas: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Evil and Madness, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, The Pretty Sister Who Always Treats Me to Dinner, Friends, Into the Waste Land, Young Sheldon, Descendants, The Blacklist, Very Entrepreneurial, Love Is Lost , Loving Wife Mandarin version

The main function:

1. Free to use: Free to download and install, free to watch high-definition genuine movies.

2. Rich content: the latest movies and TV shows, the hottest variety shows, travel, and documentaries, supporting all the content of

3. Smooth playback: smoother than online viewing. The more people watch, the smoother it will be.

4. Exclusive functions: watch while selecting, turn off the lights in full screen, and adjust the clarity.

Application Highlights:

1. Select and watch at the same time: Dual windows, you can watch movies and select movies at the same time, without missing a beat.

2. Lights-off mode: The first video client’s lights-off mode, providing a stronger theater experience. You can perform other operations in the lights-off mode without affecting video playback.

3. Multi-dimensional filtering: Compared with other video clients, our multi-dimensional filtering is more conducive to users finding their favorite content.

4. Offline viewing: Load online, watch offline, and watch high-definition videos without the Internet.

common problem:

How to log in as an iQiyi member?

1. Open iQiyi app

2. Click [My] on the lower right

3. Click Login above

4. After entering your mobile phone number

5. You can log in through [SMS verification code]

Software information:

Software name: iQiyi

Price: Free

Category: Entertainment

Supported languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English

Distribution area: China, Hong Kong, China, Macau, China

Age rating: 17+

Update log:

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