What I share with you today is the iQiyi video client. Through this software, you can enjoy a large number of genuine high-definition film and television resources, and you can also watch them offline quickly! The editor also uses this video player and it feels very good. Now I bring you the latest version of iQiyi. Brand-new functions are waiting for you to experience. What are you waiting for? Download it quickly!

Is the VIP version of iQiyi mobile version and TV version compatible?

Both are not interchangeable.

iQiyi has a cooperative relationship with the TV terminal Galaxy Kiwi TV, and gold members are not supported to directly upgrade to TV members.

If you need to enjoy membership services on the TV side, you can choose to purchase the newly launched iQiyi Diamond VIP membership (including iQiyi gold VIP rights and free Galaxy Kiwi TVVIP membership. After purchasing, you can enjoy video VIP on mobile phones, computers, and TVs) service), or purchase a separate Galaxy Kiwi membership directly on the TV.

iQIYI video mobile version features

Intelligent playback, easy to resume playback based on playback records;

Rendering speed is optimized, and channel page image preview is faster;

Design details are optimized, and the filter design is optimized to make screening more convenient and clear;

The latest movies and TV shows, the hottest variety shows, travel, documentaries, support all the content of Qiyi.com;

With dual windows, you can watch movies and select movies at the same time, without missing a beat.

Features of iQiyi Video Mobile Version

The first lights-off mode of the video client, providing a stronger theater experience. You can perform other operations in the lights-off mode without affecting video playback.

Compared with other video clients, our multi-dimensional filtering is more conducive to users[2] discovering their favorite content.

Load online, watch offline, and watch high-definition videos without the Internet.

Free download and installation, free to watch high-definition genuine movies;

The latest movies and TV shows, the hottest variety shows, travel, documentaries, support all the content of Qiyi.com;

It is smoother than watching online, and the more people watch it, the smoother it will be.

How to cancel iQiyi membership

1. First open [iQiyi], then go to the [My] interface and click [My VIP]. After opening, we click [Continuous Monthly Management].

2. Click [Cancel Continuous Monthly Subscription] and click [OK] when the window pops up.

iQiyi Video Mobile Version Update Instructions

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