The Chinese version of 3D Balance Ball is a very good game. The Chinese version of 3D Balance Ball tests the player's control over balance. Players need to test their wisdom in controlling the ball to reach the destination.

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game introduction

Challenge the limits of gravity! Facing dizzying heights and daunting depths, control a ball to travel in a hyper-real world filled with railroad tracks, wooden bridges and other mechanisms. There are more than 12 levels with increasing difficulty. Each level has more complex mazes and mechanisms waiting for you to overcome!

Game features

1. Screen: Full 3D game screen. It is recommended not to play this game for a long time, otherwise you will not be able to walk; because the game scene is played at a high altitude, the real game screen is frightening, and people with acrophobia will be frightened. It is not recommended to play this game. The game screen has a strong 3D effect. Press shift + direction keys to switch the perspective and see the road ahead clearly.

2. Sound: The background music of the game is relaxed and relaxed. Each level has its own different music to match the game. The sound effects in the game are even more outstanding. The balance ball rolling on different materials will have different sound effects, and the details can be seen. The game is extraordinary.

3. Easy to use: The keyboard direction keys control the movement of the balance ball, which feels very good. The balance ball will also change its material during the game. Different materials have different feels, so it is easy to get started!

4. Creativity: This game should be the earliest 3D balance game. The game has become popular as early as 2004. Countless players experience the feeling of "balance" in the game. Because the game performs well in all aspects, it has achieved It was a great success, and the new levels that were continuously introduced later made the game constantly updated with new ideas.

5. Playability: Wonderful and realistic game graphics; the game has 13 levels in total. The difficulty of the game increases from level to level. Each level has more complex mazes and mechanisms (there are some places in the middle where you need to use your brain~) , because Chinese people participated in the production of this game, so the 13th level is called "Speed". (In fact, the two levels of "power" and "ability" do not exist)


1. Direction keys: control direction

2. Shift+left click & right click: switch perspective

3. Space bar: look down at the distant view

4. There are three kinds of balls that can be controlled in the game: wooden balls, stone balls and paper balls. Each level has 3 lives by default (in fact, after the three lives are gone, there is still one life). When you encounter a transparent crystal ball, you can add one life, and when you encounter a small ball similar to an atom shape, you can increase your score. There are more than 20 mechanisms in the game with different functions, and cracking them requires some thinking.

gaming strategy

high speed ball start

High-speed ball starting technology can be used in the following three ways:

1. Method 1: Ordinary high-speed ball start

2. Method 2: Second high-speed ball start

3. Method 3: Change the ball and start the high-speed ball

The following introduces the methods of starting these high-speed balls:

1. Method 1: After the game is loaded and before the game interface appears, press the ESC key to pop up the game menu, and then press the ESC key again to return to the game. At this time, you only need to click the direction you want to accelerate several times, and you will get the corresponding multiple times. Of course, the controllable force in this direction can be obtained by pressing two orthogonal directions at the same time to obtain the resultant force of different sizes along the different directions of the coordinate system. The calculation rule of the resultant force depends on the principle of force synthesis.

2. Method 2: Here we take level 06 as an example. After loading the game and the game interface appears, press the rotation key combination (usually Shift+Left) to rotate the game interface 90° counterclockwise, and then immediately press the ESC key to pop up the game menu (note: the game score is 999 when the menu pops up). Select the button to reload the game. After entering the game interface, immediately press the rotation key combination (usually Shift+Left) to rotate the game interface 90° counterclockwise. After that, you only need to click several times in the direction you want to accelerate. In level 06, press the Left key 5 times and the Down key 2 times. After the ball starts, click the Up key to slow down slightly and you can easily succeed.

3. Method 3: Press the ESC key immediately before any ball-changing point to pop up the game menu. Note that if you can still hear the sound of ball-changing after popping up the menu, it proves that you have activated the high-speed startup shortcut, and then you can completely It is adjusted according to the adjustment method of ordinary high-speed start, so I won’t go into details.

Installation Notes

After unzipping the Chinese version of 3d Balance Ball, double-click .bat to start the game, no installation required.

Use the arrow keys to control the movement of the ball, space to enlarge the field of view, and [shift] plus the left and right keys to adjust the perspective. The game gives people a sense of fear of heights. I guess those who are a little afraid of heights will not dare to play. The first few levels are relatively easy. It becomes more difficult as you get to the back, and it is crucial to master the balance of the ball.

common problem

1. Question 1: Can the high-speed ball activation technology be controlled in the game?

The answer is absolutely yes, but please pay attention to the adjustment range, otherwise you will be unable to brake to death. For example, if you choose the high-speed ratio: Up:Left=M:N, then the force range you can control is: M+1:N-1>=Up:Left>=M-1:N+1; note, Your control range is a continuous interval. From the above inequality, it can be seen that when M or N is equal to 1, it means that the corresponding direction can decelerate through collision, friction, and air resistance so that the controlled ball can obtain 0 speed in that direction, but the reverse speed cannot be obtained; when M or N is not equal to (that is, greater than) 1, then you cannot stop the moving ball unless it is stuck or hits the ball changer, otherwise you will die.

2. Question 2: Which high-speed ratio has greater control advantages and is often used?

From the analysis of the control range of the problem, it can be seen that when one of M or N is 1 or 0, and the other direction is high speed, there are many advantages, because you can make the ball stationary in that direction. For example, the crazy versions of SR02, SR04, SR07, SR08, SR10, and SR11 in my video are good examples.

Configuration requirements

Processor: Intel III or

Operating system: 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA (not with NT)

Memory: 128MB RAM

Hard disk space: 150MB

Graphics card memory: 8MB

Others: Support DX 9 (DX 9 on game disc)

Game screenshots

Change log

1. Known bugs have been fixed and the software runs more stably.

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