Red Moon Dragon City is a legendary game with a very high equipment drop rate. Challenge different passions here, savor passionate battles, and enjoy experience gains. Defeat the opponent to increase your rank, kill monsters and explode more. Equipment, strategy-oriented placement and idle gameplay, easy entertainment, without missing work! Players who like it must not miss it!

Red Moon Dragon City Tanwan has full attack speed advantage

1. Top game companies design exquisite characters and smooth game interfaces for you to enjoy the experience

2. The degree of restoration of classic legends is very high, and large-scale intelligent legend games allow players to have fun playing them.

3. There are also very generous benefits for newbies, including free artifacts, mounts, cute pets, ingots and other lottery tickets.

4. Team play, blood recovery, skill blocking, battle formation break-in, both offense and defense, and flexible use of various strategies

Highlights of Red Moon Dragon City’s Fun and Full Attack Speed

1. Designed with high attack speed, various adventure stories and exciting adventures throughout the game are waiting for you.

2. A hot new legendary game. Players can experience a lot of hot-blooded gold farming experience under the retro-style game screen.

3. Explode magical equipment, earn gold in the process, and experience adventures in the passionate world of legends.

Explanation of full attack speed in Red Moon Dragon City

In special game copies, you have the opportunity to break out ultra-rare magical equipment, allowing you to become stronger

The game integrates samurai and Taoist priests. Players can perform exciting frontal slashing, and can hide behind teammates to deal damage.

Technology is king, character dominates, no lag in knife speed, no lag in equipment, all exploded, stimulating passion

Rich plot stories and various dungeon challenges bring players a hearty and passionate fighting experience.

Red Moon Dragon City is full of fun and full attack speed features

The classic reappears. Tens of thousands of people attacking the city at the same time is no longer a thing of the past. The passion is ignited again, and the grand scene of sand attack reappears in the world.

There are dozens of different professional characters, each with their own unique attributes and skills. Choose the one you like to challenge.

Diverse gameplay, including wild PK, fierce BOSS battles, cross-server gang battles and other legendary gameplays, experience the thrill of passionate battles.

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