Gu Long is a master of martial arts novels, so many film and television dramas have been adapted from his novels, and popular film and television dramas such as "Little Li Flying Knives", "Martial Arts", "The Two Prides" and "Battle at the Top of the Forbidden City" have been produced. And there are many stunning beauties inside, so let’s take a look at them.

10. Cui Nong – played by Chai Biyun

Film and television source: 2016 version of "The Prodigal Son of the New Border Town"

Cui Nong is the "courtesan" of Wuming Juli in the border town. She is extremely beautiful and charming. She was adopted as an adopted daughter by Ma Kongqun and became a spy. She longed for someone to save her from the quagmire and change her miserable life.The love between her and Fu Hongxue also made her fall deeper and deeper, so Cuinong was in pain and eventually died.

Chai Biyun plays Cui Nong, who is loyal to Wanmatang, who has a hatred of killing his mother. When he deliberately planned to kill Fu Hongxue, he fell in love with him instead and seduced the evil Hua Hanyi. Cui Nong once worked as a dancer in Wumingju. She could play the pipa and dance gracefully. She even bathed with Zhu Yilong as Fu Hongxue, but she died helplessly in the end. Her performance was amazing.

9. Tie Xinlan – played by Fan Bingbing

Film and TV source: "Little Fish and Flowers"

Tie Xinlan is the daughter of Tie Ruyun, a girl who is soft on the outside but strong on the inside, kind and simple, serious and persistent. She is also a beautiful woman with bright eyes and good eyesight, and she has fascinated Xiao Yuer and Hua Wuque. She fell in love with Hua Wuque at the first sight, but she was willing to sacrifice everything to save Xiao Yuer. She was also a beauty with a rough love life.

"Xiao Yu'er and Hua Wuque" was changed by director Wang Jing into a love tragedy. Xiao Yu'er was arranged to rescue Tie Xinlan, which caused her and Su Ying to fall in love with Xiao Yu'er. Fan Bingbing played Tie Xinlan and died in the end. But she still looks super beautiful!

8. Feng Siniang – played by Ma Yashu

Film and television source: 2002 version of "Xiao Shiyilang"

Feng Siniang is smart and straightforward, charming and powerful in martial arts. She fell in love with Xiao Shiyilang, but could not confess her love, so she could only suffer in her heart. She realized that she was hopeless due to the appearance of Shen Bijun and decided to marry Yang Kaitai. However, she regretted the marriage because of Xiao Shiyilang, but in the end she was moved by Yang Kaitai's true love. .

Ma Yashu played Feng Siniang back then. Her beauty, enthusiasm, and frankness definitely captivated countless viewers. She once got married to Wu Qilong because of "Xiao Shiyilang", but they still had a disagreement and divorced. It seems that Feng Siniang and Xiao Shiyilang have no fate on and off the screen.

7. Qin Keqing-played by Wen Bixia

Film and television source: "Full Moon Scimitar"

Qin Keqing in Gu Long's works is obviously a charming and charming woman. She deceived Ding Peng in order to obtain the sword manual. Although she was sleeping with him and sacrificing her life, she definitely did not fall in love with that stupid and stupid boy. This woman had a bad heart and was eventually killed by internal strife.

But on TV, just because Qin Keqing fell in love with Ding Peng, everything was different. So she was just charming, but never coquettish, so she had more difficulties, and she died in Ding Peng's arms on purpose. Whether it was love or hate, she wanted Ding Peng to remember her deeply. Own. Sexy woman Wen Bixia plays this role. She is gorgeous, charming and crazy about love, and she is still very convincing.

6. Sun Xiuqing – played by Liu Shishi

Film and television source: "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng: The Golden Peng King", "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng: Before and After the Decisive Battle"

Is Sun Xiuqing the bright-eyed, innocent and beautiful female disciple of the Tianshan Sect in "The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng"? She later became the wife of the sword god Ximen Chuixue.

As the second female disciple of the head of the Emei Sect, she is eloquent and thoughtful. The famous actress Liu Shishi once played this role, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

5. Shui Lingguang-played by Choo Ja-hyun

Film and television source: "The Legend of the Banner Hero"

Shui Lingguang is the daughter of Shui Rousong, as beautiful and refined as an orchid in an empty valley. Her life experience is a mystery. At first she thought she was the daughter of Sheng Cunxiao, but later she misunderstood that she was the daughter of Tie Zhongtang's uncle Tie Qingjian, and Emperor Ye was her biological father. He and Tie Zhongtang fell in love at first sight and had a close affinity; however, God's will played tricks on people, and in the end, "The Legend of the Flag Hero" and Tie Zhongtang were separated forever.

Shui Lingguang is known as the most beautiful woman in Gu Long's works. Not only is her beauty unparalleled in the world, but her temperament is also stunning. Shui Lingguang, played by Korean beauty Choo Ja Hyun, is as beautiful and refined as an orchid in an empty valley, and her performance is also particularly heart-warming, which has fascinated countless audiences.

4. Bai Feifei-played by Wang Yan

Film and television source: "A History of Martial Arts"

Bai Feifei appears as a pitiful orphan girl, but her true identity is also the "Ghost Palace Master" who seeks revenge in the Central Plains. She has a stunningly beautiful appearance, as white as dove feathers, a cruel and cruel heart, extremely deep-seated, and smart and fickle. However, she is sincere to Shen Lang, and she doesn't understand that strong-willed melons are not sweet, so she is doomed to tragedy.

In the TV series, Bai Feifei, the master of the Ghost Palace, looks sweet and sweet, but is full of revenge complex in his heart. In the script, he is a contradictory character who combines resentment and despair, love and hate. The original work was also changed. Bai Feifei finally died in order to save Shen Langxiang. .Wang Yan's demeanor, behavior, and expressions blend seamlessly with the character, which is amazing

3. Fairy Jinghong – played by Yu Feihong

Film and television source: "Xiao Li Flying Knife"

The original name of Fairy Jinghong was Yang Yan. She was extremely bright, cold as ice on the outside, but as warm as fire on the inside. She had extraordinary eyesight and fell in love with Li Xunhuan at first sight, but she did not expect to die in his arms in the end. There is no such person in Gu Long's original work, but Fairy Jinghong has become a classic beauty in Gu Long's drama, which is surprising.

The stunning fairy Yang Yan played by famous actress Yu Feihong is also a classic. She is so beautiful that she is otherworldly, stunningly beautiful, noble, and cold. She is a little indifferent because of her calmness, and a little arrogant because of her nobility. .

2. Lin Shiyin-Xiao Qiang

Film and television source: "Xiao Li Flying Knife"

Lin Shiyin is a beautiful woman that people want to protect for the rest of their lives. Li Xunhuan, the unparalleled little Li Feidao, was heartbroken for the rest of his life because of him. Long Xiaoyun, the great hero of the generation, betrayed his faith and killed his brothers because of her, and he was very charming. Her greatest happiness is just to stay with her sweetheart for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, her husband, son, and old lover have all broken her heart.

When mentioning this tragic and strange woman, Xiao Qiang will always appear in front of everyone's eyes. Her eyes are as gleaming as a stream of autumn water, but the word "hate" is clearly written on it! Xiao Qiang lived up to her reputation as the most beautiful woman on the island, and performed Lin Shiyin's unparalleled elegance. Under her fragile appearance, she also has a strong heart, which is surprising.

1.Su Rongrong-played by Zhao Yazhi

Film and television source: "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang"

Su Rongrong is the confidante of "handsome bandit" Chu Liuxiang. Chu Liuxiang thinks that she may not be the most beautiful, but she is the most gentle, considerate and considerate of others. She has a chivalrous character that combines strength and softness, with a heroic spirit, a light and flexible figure, and a kind and sweet smile.He is more proficient in rejuvenating medical skills and superb disguise skills, and is also good at preparing heart-wrenching poisons.

Famous actor Zhao Yazhi became famous because of her role as Su Rongrong in "The Legend of Chu Liuxiang", and she has since become a top star. She is extremely pretty, charming and alluring, sometimes staring at tears, sometimes smiling sweetly. In the end, she died trying to save Xiang Shuaixiang, which is even more tragic and touching. Therefore, Zhao Yazhi should be at the top of the list of Gu Long's film and television dramas.

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