After watching too much TV, I also want to have a guardian beast. What kind of guardian beast do you want? The editor will give you an inventory of the twelve constellations’ exclusive guardian beasts. Scorpio is a nine-tailed demon fox, and Pisces is very rare!

Aries: Taotie

Others can easily grasp your emotions, you are brave enough to accept new things, and you are quite adventurous. You are never afraid of anything, and you often take the lead when something goes wrong. The exclusive guardian beast of Aries is Taotie.

Capricorn: White Tiger

Everything is planned and very patient. They often pretend to be superior or stern to hide their inner fragility. They are full of fighting spirit and believe that life is meaningful. Capricorn's exclusive guardian animal is the white tiger.

Aquarius: Phoenix

Pursuing a unique lifestyle and yearning for freedom, this is a sign that emphasizes individualism and does not like to be bound by worldly rules. The fraternity of Aquarius is not a playfulness, and the exclusive guardian beast of Aquarius is the Phoenix.

Gemini: Bai Ze

They are talented, like to pursue new things, and lack patience in doing things. They are always hot for three minutes and cannot only do one thing at the same time. Gemini has a changeable personality, and the exclusive guardian beast of Gemini is Baize.

Pisces: Nine-Colored Deer

Pisces people are full of fantasy. Pisces are naturally romantic and have very keen perception. Sometimes they will indulge in their dreams and lose touch with reality. The exclusive guardian animal of Pisces is the nine-colored deer, which is very rare.

Scorpio: Nine-tailed Fox

Scorpio people are stubborn and deep, and they absolutely cannot tolerate emotional betrayal. They dare to love, hate and do not allow betrayal. They are very defensive and do not trust anyone. The exclusive guardian beast of Scorpio is the nine-tailed fox, which is very beautiful in white.

Taurus: Pixiu

They are slow to warm up, not impatient and reckless, and their personalities are usually very stable, giving people a sense of solidity and reliability. They have their own way of dealing with people. Taurus attaches great importance to money. Taurus' exclusive guardian animal is Pixiu, which can bring a lot of wealth.

Leo: Dragon

Leo people are easy to spot among the crowd. They like to wear luxurious and gorgeous clothes to reflect their domineering demeanor. They have a strong ability to observe people and objects and are naturally proud. The exclusive guardian animal of Leo is the dragon, which is very suitable for lions.

Cancer: Kirin

Cancer people are gentle, sincere, and have a strong sense of self-protection. Cancers are usually caring and philanthropic. Cancers value love and family, and their willpower is like a long stream of water. Cancer's exclusive guardian beast is Qilin.

Libra: Three-legged crow

Gentle, elegant and personable, they like novelty and want to try new things. They are very indecisive emotionally, often don't know how to choose, and rarely express their true emotions. The exclusive guardian beast of Libra is the three-legged crow.

Virgo: Snake King

Very observant, always with good intentions and showing a friendly attitude. Virgos are very mysophobic. Virgos don't like exaggerated and unrealistic attitudes towards things. Virgo's exclusive guardian animal is the snake king.

Sagittarius: Xuanwu

Good at discovering unknown areas, naturally humorous, understanding of life, very confident and full of ideals about life. Sagittarius is like the wind, bohemian and loves freedom. Sagittarius' exclusive guardian animal is Xuanwu. The exclusive guardian beast of the twelve constellations, Scorpio is a nine-tailed fox, and Pisces is very rare!

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