How to obtain the gold coins of the Demon Realm Pocket Edition and how to set up a stall

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How to get gold coins in Demon Realm Pocket Edition? How to set up a stall with gold coins in the Demon Realm Pocket Edition? I believe many players will have this kind of confusion. The editor below has brought you a detailed introduction to the strategy, hoping to help you better choose the battlefield!

Get gold coins

1. Drops from monsters

When you farm monsters in the game, you will find that there is a high chance of dropping gold coins. The number of gold coins is based on the level of the monster. The higher the level of the monster, the more gold coins it will drop. Don't look at it. The quantity dropped is relatively small, but the small amount adds up to a lot. When the game is automatically idle, gold coins will be picked up automatically.

2. Task

When completing the main mission, the system will also give you some gold coins, as well as novice guidance (the little avatar that keeps flashing next to the map on the upper right). Every time you complete a tutorial, you can receive about 2,000 or 10,000 gold coins, which is very useful for the early stage. In other words, it is also a considerable amount of wealth.

3. Purchase magic stones

The simplest and fastest way is to go directly to the magic stone store to buy the rich money bag. The rich money bag can only be sold in the non-bound magic stone mall. A small rich money bag can be opened for 2 million gold coins. It is completely sufficient for the player’s early consumption.

4. Auction house

Players can auction fantasy beast eggs or equipment through the auction house in the entire server. They can sell magic stones or gold coins. Therefore, if players have good fantasy beast eggs or unused equipment, it is recommended to go to the auction house and give it a try.

5. World BOSS

There is a more cool way for the powerful God's Chosen One: to fight the BOSS. The top three most damaged bosses in the world and the last blow all cost at least several million gold coins.

How to set up a stall with gold coins

Go to the consignment house NPC and you can package gold coins. Do not click on the consignment house on the interface.

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