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The news about the welfare lottery and double-color ball has been rising one after another. On the evening of January 25 this year, the live broadcast of the Shuangseqiu lottery was suddenly canceled, causing an uproar among hundreds of millions of lottery players and triggering various doubts. Recently, a post titled "The Place with the Highest Winning Rate in China's Welfare Lottery—Dongge Road, Nanning City, Guangxi" became popular again.

The post stated that in just 100 draws from the end of the period, 14 first-prize prizes were won in Nanning City, of which 9 bets were won before and after Dongge Road, and 4 bets were won before and after No. 26 Dongge Road. , the same house number is the number of 4 welfare lottery sites.

Nanning Shuangseqiu records show that almost all the winning betting stations are at No. 26 Dongge Road

Some netizens commented in reply that "the high and frequent lottery winning rate in this place cannot but be said to be a huge miracle!" Later, a netizen searched the Welfare Lottery official website and found that in the 152nd Shuangseqiu lottery draw in 2010, No. 26 Dongge Road won the prize. 1 first prize, 2 first prizes in 2011, 13 first prizes in 2012, and 6 first prizes so far in 2013.

A Sina search found that this post, which is still circulating on the Internet, is actually an old post that existed in many online forums in 2013. However, the information on the first prize of the Welfare Lottery Shuangseqiu in more than ten issues has been verified to be true.

On the afternoon of January 28, a staff member from the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Center Management Office told Sina.com that he had never heard of similar rumors before.

The staff member said that "No. 26 Dongge Road" could not be the place with the highest winning rate. An operator cooperating with the Welfare Lottery Center set up telephone betting here.

Information from the official website of the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Issuance Center shows that the center’s telephone betting services are located on the 5th floor of Guimin Building, No. 26 Dongge Road, while the Welfare Lottery Issuance Center is located not far away at No. 23 Dongge Road.

The other party also added that welfare lottery betting points generally choose places facing the street such as newsstands for sales, and will not choose buildings as betting sites. She did not reveal any further details about the phone betting.

Sina then contacted the Telephone Betting Service Department on the 5th floor of No. 26 Dongge Road. A customer service representative from this department confirmed that this is a Welfare Lottery betting site where betting can be made over the phone. The only difference between it and the physical betting site is that phone betting is a paperless operation. In addition, she did not disclose more details about phone betting to Sina.com.

Regarding the frequent reports of double-colored balls winning big prizes, Sina.com called the department responsible for the external publicity of the Welfare Lottery Issuance Center many times, but no one answered.

An expert who has been buying lottery tickets for a long time told Sina.com that this place may be selling lottery tickets on the Internet in the name of telephone betting, and the latter is currently not allowed in China. Therefore, he can sell to lottery players across the country, so the probability of winning a big prize is relatively high.

In addition, previous rumors mentioned that the numbers of each lottery betting site are also different. The expert analyzed that usually a welfare lottery site has only one betting machine. However, the site has a large volume of tickets, so it has applied for a batch of machines, and each machine has an independent betting code. Therefore, there is a possibility that No. 26 Dongge Road has frequent jackpots. (Reported by Wang Hui, Sina.com)

(Sina exclusive original manuscript, no reproduction without permission)

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