Recently, my dear friends always say that it is not interesting to just watch the news! Therefore, Xiaoying decided to leave his true thoughts in his heart. If there are any similarities, then they are from the same camp. If you don't want to see Xiaoying blind, you should be honest. . . Then just watch the news~

1. A "four-legged chicken" suddenly appeared in Shandong. Can it be eaten?

Ms. Zhu's family runs a chicken farm, which is managed by her father. This morning, Ms. Zhu's father brought back a four-legged chicken from the chicken farm. In addition to the normal two legs, this chicken also has two legs that stretch backwards on its tail. Ms. Zhu was very surprised when she saw it, and immediately took a photo and sent a meager message.

Afterwards, many neighbors and friends came to see this unique chicken, took pictures, and some even picked it up to look at it. Ms. Zhu said that by 5 p.m., forty or fifty people had come to see the chicken. It was running around very energetically this morning, but now it has stopped moving and is just lying down in the box. "Maybe he was frightened. He looked like he was dying."

Xiaoying Bo:

This chicken probably ate some genetically modified corn, genetically modified soybeans, or genetically modified potatoes. . . I couldn't hold it back anymore, I was genetically modified myself, so I just changed it. My psychological quality was still so bad, didn't I just meet a few more strangers? Look at your energy that has never seen the world before!

Chicken said: It turns out that the road to Internet celebrity is so difficult. I just want to learn from those two geese in love and become an Internet celebrity in everyone's eyes. Who would have thought. . . Hey, I blame myself for choosing the wrong path to fame. How about getting a hen to fall in love with? !

2. An 11-year-old boy cut off his index finger just because he was scolded by his father.

A parent in Suzhou was worried when his child kept playing games on his mobile phone, so he said something to his child. Unexpectedly, the child turned around, picked up the kitchen knife on the low table behind him, and cut it into his left hand. On the spot, the two knuckles of his index finger fell off. After more than three hours of surgery, the doctor reattached his finger.

The doctor suggested: do a brain CT after the operation to see if there is anything wrong with the child's brain.

Xiaoying Bo:

I don’t know if the naughty kid has watched too many police and gangster movies or is just stupid because of playing on his mobile phone. How old is it when he has to cut off his fingers for shitty things? Besides, everyone chops off the right hand, but you chop off the left hand, which is a bit less sincere.

People are poor in intelligence but have a glassy heart. This is probably the kind of naughty kid they are talking about.

3. A man shows off all his possessions and asks for marriage on the street

It is said that recently, a man became popular near Rainbow Bridge in Wuhou District, Chengdu. He laid out all his pots and pans, shirts and underwear, bamboo basket and school bag, and a pet dog, and wrote a sign – Marriage Seeking. It is said that these things are all his belongings.

Xiaoying Bo:

The family is poor and ugly, and they have all the cold pots and stoves. They stand on the roadside, pick up a dog, and place a playing card to recruit his girlfriend. (Your red underwear is quite eye-catching)

Let me ask you this: How blind do you think girls today are?

To be honest, if you didn't put that sign, I would really think you were in the recycling business…

But you can't say too much, and you can't judge a hero based on his appearance. Come, let me analyze it for you: a mobile phone number means that you are a distinguished VIP; having a dog means that you are caring; smiling means that you are open-minded; being able to stand up means that you have courage; having a pot and oil means that you know how to live; having a suitcase and a backpack means that you are good at living. Love traveling; leather shoes show taste…

But the previous ones are not important. The most important thing is: blocking the door means that… the villa belongs to his family.

today in History

March 9, 1992

The most open Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in my country is put into operation

Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone is located in the northeast of Pudong New Area, close to the Yangtze River Estuary, with a planned area of ​​10 square kilometers. It is a comprehensive international free trade zone with multiple functions such as bonded warehousing, commodity display and trading, and export processing. World-renowned companies such as Intel, HP, Philips, IBM, and JVC have invested and built factories here. Waigaoqiao deep-water port currently operates 6 international container liner routes from Europe, the Middle East, North America, West Africa, South Africa and the Mediterranean, as well as 20 domestic Yangtze River and coastal freight routes. The port's external port functions have been continuously strengthened.

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