In 2018, the province's welfare lottery sales reached 24.27 billion yuan and raised 6.912 billion yuan in welfare lottery public welfare funds. The annual sales volume and the amount of public welfare funds raised hit a record high, making new contributions to social welfare and social welfare undertakings in our province. With the continuous development of the welfare lottery industry, a large number of welfare lottery sales pacesetters have emerged across the province. They not only have outstanding sales performance, but also play a leading role in store image, service quality and professionalism. In order to affirm achievements, establish models, demonstrate guidance, and stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of welfare lottery sales staff across the province, with the approval of the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, our center launched the 2018 Selection of Excellent Welfare Lottery Betting Stations in the Province. In accordance with the selection criteria for the province's outstanding welfare lottery betting stations in 2018, after preliminary review and public announcement by the municipal welfare lottery centers, and review by our center, 376 betting stations are planned to be awarded the honorary title of "the province's outstanding welfare lottery betting stations in 2018". It is now announced for 7 days (from March 19, 2019 to March 25, 2019). During the publicity period, if you have any objection to the publicized betting station, you can report it to our center by phone or in writing. Contact number: Contact address: No. 300 Dongfeng Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City Guangdong Provincial Welfare Lottery Issuance Center Attachments: 1. Selection criteria for the province’s outstanding welfare lottery betting stations in 2018 2. List of the province’s outstanding welfare lottery betting stations in 2018 (proposed)

Guangdong Provincial Welfare Lottery Issuance Center March 19, 2019


2018 Selection Criteria for Excellent Welfare Lottery Betting Stations in the Province

Article 1 Business format: Specializes in welfare lottery, with agents directly involved in operation and management. Article 2 Site scale: The actual operating area of ​​welfare lottery is greater than 20 square meters; the sales place is not a temporary building or a building within the scope of government demolition. The actual operating area of ​​welfare lottery tickets refers to the actual indoor use area of ​​a single sales place where welfare lottery tickets are sold (excluding restrooms, warehouses and other ancillary facilities). Article 3 Welfare lottery sales: The total sales volume of computer tickets (excluding "high-frequency games") and "scratch-off" instant tickets of a betting station this year is within the top 20% of the city. At the same time, the sales volume of "scratch-off" instant tickets of an excellent betting station must be within The betting shops in this city rank within the top 18%. Article 4 Operation time: Continuous operation of welfare lottery for more than 1 year (including 1 year). Article 5: Image construction: Store decoration must be carried out according to high standards and a high starting point. (1) Betting station image door headers, couplets, image walls, lottery number trends, sales counters, logos, Chinese and English standard characters, background colors and related patterns are designed in accordance with the "China Welfare Lottery Betting Station Standardized Construction Manual" issued by the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center 》based on. (2) The facade signboard shall use red (M100, Y100) aluminum-plastic panels, or other materials specified in the image demonstration store construction standards. If aluminum-plastic panels are used, the door welfare lottery logo and text (Chinese and English) use LED acrylic luminous characters (Chinese and English fonts must be independently wrapped and hollowed out, light source: white light LED) or crystal characters, and the betting station number uses a thickness of 15mm crystal characters; the door head can be wrapped with stainless steel (the width of the front viewable part is more than 30mm) and an LED electronic strip screen is installed under the signboard. The height of the screen should not be less than 32cm and the length should not be less than the width of the door; the purpose of welfare lottery issuance on both sides of the door is used Red (M100, Y100) aluminum-plastic panels, crystal characters or acrylic characters. The left side of the door is "Help the elderly and the disabled" and the right side is "Rescue the orphans and the poor". It can be wrapped with stainless steel. The font size and spacing should be consistent with the couplet bottom plate. The height and width are coordinated.

(3) The middle part of the image wall in the station is made of white aluminum-plastic panels, with 15mm thick crystal characters for logos and text, and 5mm painted tempered glass (color youth white C21 M0 Y29 K0, flash point polycrystal) and lock advertising nails are used on both sides. Install fluorescent lights or LED lights (white light) in the side grooves. (4) Lottery number trend charts, lottery bulletin boards, and publicity boards use 10-15mm high-density backing adhesive film computer spray painting and stainless steel edging (the front visible part is 30mm wide and the rear folded part is 20mm wide). (5) Use white aluminum-plastic panels on the outside and both sides of the sales desk, dark gray aluminum-plastic panels on the countertop, 10mm transparent tempered glass on the counter, and 5mm transparent tempered glass on the front of the counter. Warnings and game logos should be pasted. Paste in a single piece, with coordinated proportions, and the size of the warning should not be less than 420mm × 200mm. (6) There is a "scratch-off" instant ticket display cabinet. (7) The interior walls of the betting station should be painted, tiled and integrated on the ceiling. Article 6 Standardized Operations: Agents and their sales personnel shall abide by laws and regulations in the operation process, abide by the "Lottery Management Regulations" and the "Guangdong Provincial Welfare Lottery Betting Station Management Measures", strictly implement the relevant agreements in the agency sales contract, and there will be no sales during the evaluation year. Complaints and violation records. Article 7 Service level: (1) Adhere to the service principle and be able to serve lottery buyers proactively, enthusiastically and thoughtfully. (2) Be able to use Mandarin or local dialect services; use honorifics, polite expressions and standardized language in sales and services. (3) Be familiar with business knowledge, be able to operate betting equipment proficiently, operate accurately and in place, and be able to collect and pay cash in a timely manner.

(4) Be kind, friendly and enthusiastic during the service process; listen patiently and be able to seriously answer the business inquiries of lottery buyers. Article 8 Service Facilities: Equipped with air conditioners, water dispensers, tables and chairs, paper and pens and other facilities and supplies, and the indoor environment is clean and tidy; Article 9 Implementation Ability: Able to participate in provincial and municipal welfare lottery center business training and related meetings as required, and actively Implement various work requirements and promotional publicity measures for provincial and municipal welfare lottery centers. Article 10 The following fire safety requirements must be met: (1) No open flames are used for cooking in the betting station, no gas cylinders are used or placed, and no heating equipment such as "heat fast" is used to boil water. (2) There are no random wires in the betting station. (3) The betting station shall be equipped with at least one portable dry powder fire extinguisher and fire emergency lighting. (4) There are no illegal activities recognized by the fire management department. Attachment 2

List of Outstanding Welfare Lottery Betting Stations in the Province in 2018 (Drafted)

Guangzhou City (58):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Zhuhai City (13):,,,,,,,,,,,,. Shantou City (14):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Foshan City (40):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Shaoguan City (11):,,,,,,,,,,. Heyuan City (11):,,,,,,,,,,. Meizhou City (14):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Huizhou City (28):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,44813,,,,.

Shanwei City (11):,,,,,,,,,,. Dongguan City (47):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.

Zhongshan City (20):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Jiangmen City (20):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Yangjiang City (11):,,,,,,,,,,. Zhanjiang City (11):,,,,,,,,,,.

Maoming City (14):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Zhaoqing City (7):,,,,,,. Qingyuan City (11):,,,,,,,,,,. Chaozhou City (11):,,,,,,,,,,. Jieyang City (13):,,,,,,,,,,,,. Yunfu City (11):,,,,,,,,,,.

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