We are no strangers to the topic of lottery. Basically every once in a while, there will be various news about winning the lottery on TV. Looking at the prize money in the hands of those who won the lottery, many people expressed envy, which directly led to many people in our country who want to make a fortune by winning the lottery. Among the country's population of 1.4 billion, lottery players account for 300 million people. It can be seen from this data that my country’s lottery industry is still relatively popular. But if you really win the five million jackpot, remember there are three steps to claim your prize. Make a mistake and the hard-earned prize will be lost.

Three things to do when receiving an award

In real life, most lottery players have won prizes, but the number of prizes varies. Generally speaking, after purchasing a lottery ticket, the chance of winning a small prize is much higher than that of a large prize. The prize is less than 10,000 yuan, and the winner can claim the prize at the lottery store. If the winning amount exceeds 10,000 yuan, you not only need to pay taxes and fees, but also need to go to the local lottery center to redeem it. The same is true if you win a super jackpot like five million.

The corresponding prize collection location is written on the back of each lottery ticket purchased. After you find out that you have won, be sure to check clearly. In the past, many people mistakenly thought they had won the lottery because they read the wrong numbers. Only to find out at the lottery center that they had read the wrong numbers was their joy was in vain. Don’t be carried away by joy when you win a prize. There are three things you must remember when you arrive at the lottery center, otherwise you will have to say goodbye to the prize you are about to receive.

Prize redemption time and ID card

The redemption time for lottery prizes is on the back of the ticket, which is usually sixty days, which is two months. The time to start claiming prizes is the day when the prize is drawn. After the calculation is clear, the prize must be claimed within the specified time. It cannot take more than an hour. There is the contact number of the lottery center on the back of the ticket. You can ask about the opening hours. You may miss the time to collect the prize if you go too early or too late. In addition, you must bring your bank card, lottery ticket and ID card to receive the bonus. If your ID card has just expired or is lost, go to the police station to get a replacement as soon as possible. Generally, the processing time for an ID card is one month. You can ask the police for the shortest processing method, just in case the time for receiving the bonus has passed. After arriving at the collection location, the staff will take your ID card to register, and the winner will also need to fill in the corresponding form.


The five million prize will not be paid out in cash. First, taxes will be deducted, so the amount received is not an integer. Cash counting is troublesome. Even if taxes are deducted, it is still a large figure in the millions. After the winner takes home the prize and says it is less money, there is no way to prove it. Therefore, the bonus is usually paid to the bank card of the winner. It is also possible to give the winner a check, but it is best to use the check in conjunction with the bank card.

Lottery must be complete

When you find out that you have won a prize, you must not be too excited and make a big deal about it. Letting others know that you have won a lottery will do more harm than good in most cases. A lottery player once shared his winnings with a good friend immediately, and his good friend's eyes lit up when he saw the winning amount. Because the lottery ticket is anonymous, whoever gets it from the lottery center belongs to him, so this good friend decided to take the lottery ticket as his own. In this way, the two of them fought for the lottery tickets. In the middle, they tore the lottery tickets because of their excessive strength. When they finally went to the prize collection center, they were told that the lottery tickets cannot be exchanged after they are damaged. This turned the former true friends into enemies, and the two even went to court. So no matter how happy you are, you must keep your lottery tickets safe. In addition, we are not allowed to scribble on the winning lottery tickets, otherwise we will not be able to redeem them.

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