"The Legend of Ancient Dragon Heroes OL" will open the Lunar New Year version "The Arrival of the God of War" today at 14:00. The new version will raise the level limit to 120 and will also open a large amount of new content, such as new maps Lingnan and Miaojiang and new copies of Zhicao Basin and Qinglong. Walled city. The biggest surprise of the Lunar New Year Edition is the arrival of the new professional Martial Saint. Players who love PK are in luck. It’s so capricious to have a generous output and fight to your heart’s content! In conjunction with the opening of the new version, a new server "Tianwai Feixian" will be added, and there will also be a "Martial God Tianzun Gift Pack" waiting for you!


[The level limit is open to level 120]

After the version of "War Gods Arrival" is launched, the upper limit of the character level for players will be raised to level 120. Correspondingly, all skills and moves within level 120 of each profession will also be available. Compared with the output-oriented external power moves before level 80, two new types of skills, auxiliary and passive, will be gradually opened at level 80-100, gradually leading players into the ranks of masters; while new external power stances will be opened at level 100-120, It greatly increases the damage of external skills, allowing players to enter the extraordinary realm of winning without using any moves.

There is a huge gap between the old and new external martial arts postures.

In terms of heroes, Bahamut is currently newly available on page 3. Among them are the two heroines Qing Qing and Lin Shiyin, as well as Xiao Yuer and Hua Wuque’s parents Jiang Feng and Hua Yuenu. Now we have gathered together the main characters from many ancient dragon novels such as "Sentimental Swordsman", "Full Moon Scimitar" and "Peerless Two Prides". Watching them "together" can be regarded as a happy ending for the ancient dragon fans. wish. In addition, most heroes will unlock a second passive skill at level 100-120, which is really a huge improvement for players.

12 new heroes recently opened

The charming Huayuenu

Jiang Feng, the best male god in the world

In terms of maps, following the opening of Liaodong, two new maps of Lingnan and Miaojiang were opened. Players will be able to appreciate the colorful poisonous springs in Lingnan and the village customs in Miao territory.

Lingnan Five Poison Spring

Miaojiang cottage

Miao family style

In terms of dungeons, the level 100 "Zhicao Basin" and the level 110 "Qinglong Walled City" are newly opened. The scenery of the Zhicao Basin is based on the primitive rainforest in Lingnan. The towering ancient trees deep in the clouds and mists are covered with thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, which is full of ancient and mysterious atmosphere. The Qinglong Walled City is the first plot-related dungeon so far. Players must destroy the Qinglong Gang's hall. meeting. In this dungeon, players not only have to fight against the four sacred beasts that protect the gang, Ruiqi, Chonghu, Yanpeng, and Xuangui, but at the end of the level they also have to challenge the thousand-year-old Yinglong worshiped by the Qinglong Gang. It is definitely a fierce battle.

ancient giant python

Wan Chunliu who lives in seclusion in the mountains

Qinglong Walled City

Green dragon appears

[The arrival of the new profession Martial Saint]

In this new version, the most important element is the addition of the new profession "Martial Saint". The Martial Saint is positioned as an aggressive profession in the game. It has specialized attacks and has a restraining effect on the ghost doctor's powerful blood recovery ability in the previous version, thereby improving the professional balance. The Martial Saint uses dual swords. The dual swords are not a new type of weapon. They are similar to the one-handed sword of the Sword God. The attribute of the Martial Saint is mainly strength, emphasizing specialization. During PK, it is important to kill the opponent within the cooldown time of the ghost doctor's big recovery "blood seal". Most of the Martial Saint's moves come with buffs that increase anger or reduce the enemy's movement speed, which means that the Martial Saint can frequently unleash his rage-fueled special moves and prevent enemies from escaping.

Martial Saint is wild and unparalleled

[Shenglin Tianxia Luxury Gift Upgrade]

"True Ancient Dragon" welcomes the new server and celebrates the New Year. Log in to the new server now to receive the "Martial God Tianzun" luxury gift package. This gift package comes with limited edition Zhang Jing fashion set (female) and Lu Fengxian fashion set (men), giving players the noble enjoyment like the arrival of the God of War. At the same time, major media once again released exclusive hegemonic bodies and titles, and the exclusive privilege "Sword Master Summoning Order" was first launched to add to the excitement.

The Martial Saint comes and gives generous gifts

Lu Fengxian Fashion & Zhang Jing Fashion

Summon the Juggernaut

The Lunar New Year version of "The Legend of Ancient Dragon Heroes OL" "The Arrival of the God of War" is open today. New servers will be added to give away custom-made fashions and heroes of the God of War. The massive new content will be overwhelming! What’s even more exciting is that the above is not all the content of this version of the arrival of the God of War. In the near future, new gameplay such as the divine weapon system and the killing demon domain will be launched one after another. Stay tuned!

Product introduction:

"The Legend of Ancient Dragon Heroes OL" is an ancient dragon-themed game created by Taiwan's veteran martial arts game giant Zhiguan and represented by Zhuoyitong (Beijing) in the mainland. The game contains all of Gu Long's works. The classic moves were meticulously recreated by motion capture by Sammo Hung's son, Hong Tianxiang's professional martial arts team. The game's dubbing was lovingly recorded by many big-name voice actors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This game innovatively launches seven major features. The theme comprehensively includes Gulong series works, hundreds of heroes strongly support the battle, and fashion elements and weird events cross borders. In terms of the system, the mount back armor is unpredictable, the super-powerful body is cool and stylish, and the secondary skills are open to mix and match. In addition, there is a dynamic combo system that makes martial arts fans want to stop. During the same period, Zhuoyitong will work together with Zhiguan to re-localize the game content and conduct subsequent research and development work to make the game more suitable for the preferences of players in mainland China.

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