In addition to us riders, many celebrities in the entertainment industry also like cycling. Celebrity cycling once became a new trend in the entertainment industry. You don't know it, but you are shocked when you look at it. You didn't expect that this little bicycle has such a huge charm, and it has attracted so many big-name celebrities to "prostrate themselves" under its two wheels. Today, let’s take a look at the interesting stories between celebrities and bicycles.

Fan Bingbing: Riding a bicycle and wearing a facial mask to the set

Fan Bingbing had a habit in the early days of filming. She would put on a facial mask every morning. Either she would ride a bicycle by herself, or her assistant would take her, sitting in the back of the car and applying the facial mask. She would ride a bicycle from where she lived to filming. The scene was very casual. At first, others didn't know who this person was. Over time, everyone knew that the woman wearing the grimace mask was Fan Bingbing.

Ma Yili: I was so scared that I screamed while riding a bicycle.

Ma Yili was raised as a lady since she was a child, and she still doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. When filming "Struggle", there was a scene in the script where she and the leading actor Tong Dawei were riding a bicycle together. However, Ma Yili got on a bicycle she had never touched before and rode it a few times. She was so frightened that she screamed and ended up letting it go. I simply sat in the back seat of Tong Dawei's car. It was really "ok" and cherished.

Maggie Cheung: Cycling and eating rice noodles with Tony Leung

Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung secretly met to eat rice noodles during their early filming together. They rode two old bicycles, with Maggie Cheung in front and Tony Leung behind. After riding two streets, there were fewer people, so Tony Leung followed up and lined up with Maggie Cheung. The two rode the bikes, talking and laughing, like two little kids. They looked like a couple, so no wonder there were scandals about them at that time. However, Cyclist felt that Tony Leung and Carina Lau were the best match.

Stephen Chow: Riding a bicycle to hide from candid filming and escape

In fact, Xing Ye, this arrogant celebrity, likes to ride a bicycle to work. He also wears a big hat when riding, otherwise he will be recognized. Especially when Stephen Chow was accused of cheating by Zhu Yin, he was riding a bicycle alone on a hot day wearing a mask and helmet. When he found out that reporters were following him, he immediately ran away. Alas, being a star is not easy, even riding a bicycle is tiring.

Jordan Chan: Riding a bicycle to be cool on the streets

Chen Xiaochun likes to ride bicycles, and his riding skills are extraordinary. Once when he was filming in Shunyi, Jordan Chan took a break from his busy schedule to ride a bicycle around Shichahai. However, he always acted cool while riding a bicycle and performed difficult moves from time to time. After riding about five meters away, he suddenly braked, put his right foot on the ground, raised the handlebars, and turned the front wheel. Both the person and the car turned 180 degrees, which made passersby who recognized him think he was filming a movie.

Jay Chou: Riding a bicycle is worse than riding a horse

Jay Chou, who has been "happy" recently, is also a cycling enthusiast. In "The Untold Secret", Jay Chou's second favorite hobby besides playing the piano is taking his girl for a ride on a bicycle, which shows his love for bicycles. It is said that in "The Tomb", because Jay Chou suffered from ankylosing spondylitis and was unable to ride a horse, director Zhu Yanping changed his horse riding scene to riding a motorcycle, driving Lin Chiling in the desert.

Dong Jie: I am just a "passerby". I am called "Dong Jie" only after I have packaged it.

When Dong Jie lived in Shanghai, she bought herself a bicycle and rode it around when she had nothing to do. She often likes to go to the small streets of Shanghai such as Shaoxing Road, especially where she lives very close to the flower market. She rides a bicycle to buy flowers and then takes a spin. She feels that riding a bicycle on the road feels great. She doesn't care if someone recognizes her as a celebrity on the street. She thinks that in life, she is just a "passerby" who rides a bicycle, and those who are packaged on stage and TV are called "Dong Jie", although her "vision" is not very good. , but I give this value 101 points.

Gao Yuanyuan: Seventeen-year-old bicycle

As early as 2012, Gao Yuanyuan participated in a cycling event initiated by Wang Xiaoshuai, the director of "Bicycle Seventeen", revisiting Beijing's old alleys and the filming locations of the movie. Due to urban construction, many hutongs have disappeared into steel and concrete. As a native Beijing girl, Gao Yuanyuan has also witnessed the changes in Beijing's traffic, chooses green travel, and advocates a healthier and green lifestyle.

In fact, whether we are ordinary people or celebrities, cycling is a sport that is healthy for the body and mind and very environmentally friendly. Summer is here, and it is also a pleasure to ride for a while to enjoy the wind after dinner. So, let’s ride together~

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